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DRESSY LADY, Control and Reporting Center (CRC)
Detachment 4, 621st TCS*
Khao Khieo RTAB (Green Hill), Thailand


(To see more pictures of Dressy Lady, click on the picture).

*From Dec. 22, 1965 to Feb. 23, 1966, the site at Green Hill was Det. 4 of the 620th TCS, Monkey Mtn. AB, Danang, RVN.

Dressy Lady was Detachment 4 of the 621st TCS.   It was located about midway between Bangkok and Korat in a park run by the Tourist Organization of Thailand (TOT). Green Hill is merely the translation from the Thai, "Khao"=Mountain; and "Khieo"= Green.

The folks were housed in cabins leased from TOT. It was out in the middle of nowhere--I can remember seeing elephants, tigers (from a distance), and the mother of all pythons. There was also a golf course--complete with fully qualified cobras to make it really interesting.

From the Squadron area, complete with orderly room, dining hall (great food, by the way), and mail room, we drove to the radar site at the top of the mountain. It was 4 or 5 miles and took 30-40 minutes complete with switchbacks and steep climbs.

The primary mission was flight follow of departing/recovering tankers and B-52s to U-Tapao. On departure we'd track them to a handoff point where they would go over to Lion or Brigham. Returning Lion and Brigham would hand them back to us for recovery to U-Tapao.  Occasionally there would be the opportunity for a tanker hook-up with departing fighters, but it was primarily flight follow. It could get pretty at times with all the pre- or post strike tankers and Buffs all trying to get back to U-Tapao at the same time.

Good assignment, with fairly easy access to Bangkok and Korat, which was our primary support base.

A great memory was watching some of the big strike packages marshal and depart Korat for an ALFA strike in the Barrel Roll or Rolling Thunder.  Thuds and F-4s would shake the ground for miles. It was great!!!!

Dex Rogers


Jim North has contributed some Reminiscences about Dressy Lady that all should read.

My name is Andy Crouse, Capt, USAF active duty. During Cobra Gold 1993, exercise in Thailand, I was the USAF liaison at "Phits", the call sign they were using was DORA. It probably hadn't changed much from the war. Still had the UPA 59 (the ones with the joysticks) and 62s scopes. They still were using the big plotting board in the front of the ops room. The majority of the missions were controlled by Dressy Lady (also had the USAF, USMC reps there).  They have a big airspace setup in between Korat and Takhli.   Then our unit the 81st Air Control Squadron deployed to Thailand for the Cobra Gold in 1994. We convoyed up from Sattahip to Takhli and set up our TPS 75 radar with the MCE vans. From there we tore the site down and went into the huge mountain range straight east from "Phits" on the Laotian border. We did it because the Thais were thinking of putting a radar there and wanted to see what it would look like.

Hope it helps.

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